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CPU PD930/Xeon Dual Core PD930/Xeon Dual Core PD930/Xeon Dual Core PD930/Xeon Dual Core PD930/Xeon Dual Core PD930/Xeon Dual Core
HDD 10 GB 10 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 30 GB
RAM 128 MB (256 MB Burstable) 128 MB (256 MB Burstable) 256 MB (512 MB Burstable) 512 MB (1024 MB Burstable) 512 MB (1024 MB Burstable) 1024 MB (Unlimited MB Burstable)
SWAP - - - - - -
Bandwidth 150 GB 150 GB 300 GB 500 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Price/Month 1,200 1,500 1,600 2,200 2,500 3,000
Price/Quarter 3,600 4,500 4,500 6,600 7,125 9,000
Price/Biannual 7,200 8,100 9,000 12,000 13,500 17,000
Price/Year 12,000 15,300 16,000 23,000 25,500 34,000
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Xen and OpenVz

The primary differences that YOU have to be aware of is this:


Advantages: allows overselling. Very light weight. Can accommodate more Virtual Machines in a server.

Disadvantage: There is no per vps swap.

Why this is important: OpenVZ will KILL your application if it goes beyond the limit, and this can cause some trouble. There are people out there who want to host oracle on a 64MB vps, and with such customers, using openVZ will lead to constant application crashes, which ultimately will be blamed on the provider. (This is actually something that is common with openvz/virtuozzo hosting in general; you can check some threads a wht).

With Xen, each vps has its own swap, and thus you get an EXACT dedicated server like environment, but with lesser resources. So here, the customers applications will NOT crash, but rather it will become slower. Also, majority of the applications, like apache, spamassassin expects a lot of memory, and openVZ makes memory a very valuable commodity.

So generally my recommendation is that: For friendly customers use openVZ, and use a lot of burst memory. For not-so-friendly customers, use Xen. And that is why we are providing transparent migration. You can start a customer on openVZ, and see how it works out, and if he is getting too many application crashes, you can move him to the SAME configuration on Xen, and he should be able to do fine, though his application would be slower.

Get a Root!

XenMax.com is pround to be the first Xen VPS provider in Thailand. We are experts in Xen and advanced Virtual Private Servers; therefore you will get the best from our professional services and support. Please take this opportunity to enhance your competitive advantage with a fraction of cost. You can study and choose an appropriate plan that suit your need at "VPS Plans and Pricing " page. If you need Xen-based virtualized data centers XenMax will be pleased to work with you.

Advanced Virtual Private Server hosting

XenMax.com is Business Class Hosting Provider specializing in Advanced Virtual Private Server hosting.

Virtual machine (VM)/ Virtual Private Server (VPS)/ Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) provides all the benefits of having your very own server. We take a large and powerfull server and segment it into many isolated virtual servers using cutting edge technology in virtualization. Therefore, VPS accounts give you all the benefits of having your own Dedicated Server at just a fraction of the cost, hence increasing your competitive advantage.

Our plans are geared toward Business and Advanced users who require a higher degree of control and access over their accounts and applications.

However, newbies in server management and webmaster can use VPS opportunity to develop required skills and succeed in business in the future.

Advantages of a Virtual Machine:
  • 1. Full root user access to your server
  • 2. By utilizing an advanced Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism, minimal level of performance for your server can be guaranteed . Moreover, CPU power is bustable for even greater performance. Resources are guaranteed to not be oversold.
  • 3. We manage the host server. You will never need to worry about fixing network problems or faulty hardware.
  • 4. Fast reboot time
  • 5. OS of your choice
    • CentOS VPS

      Offering CentOS 4 CentOS has numerous advantages over some of the other clone projects including: an active and growing user community, quickly rebuilt, tested, and QA'ed errata packages, an extensive mirror network, developers who are contactable and responsive, multiple free support avenues including IRC Chat, Mailing Lists, Forums, a dynamicFAQ. Commercial support is offered via a number of vendors.

    • Ubuntu VPS

      Offering Ubuntu 6.0.6 (Dapper Drake) as well as Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) Ubuntu is fast becoming the most popular Linux distribution and has carved a respectable niche with systems administrators and developers alike. Ubuntu includes more than 16,000 applications ready to install.

      Ubuntu is built on the solid foundation of Debian, which is known for its robust server installations. As a result, Ubuntu has a strong heritage of reliable performance. A key feature taken from Debian is that of security by default. XenMax's Ubuntu VPS has no unnecessarily open ports after provisioning and contains only the essential software needed to build a secure server.

    • Debian VPS

      Offering Debian 3.1 (Sarge) as well as Debian 4.0 (Etch) Debian is one of the most popular Linux operating system choices available to the developer today. Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a bare bones operating system: over 15000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine.

      The latest stable version of Debian is 3.1 Sarge. XenMax has updated their Debian to the latest version stable as of 12/20/2005. One of Debian's unique features is the ability to simply upgrade your operating system using the apt-get system. Maintaining security has never been so simple.

      If you're not afraid of the command line, ready for power, and appreciate simplicty -- Debian is the perfect choice for you.

    • Fedora VPS

      Offering Fedora Core 3, 4, 5, 5+RubyOnRails, 5+LAMP, and 6. XenMax packages one and two are not avaiable with Fedora5+LAMP or Fedora5+RubyOnRails (RoR) Fedora is an open, innovative, forward looking operating system and platform, based on Linux, that is always free for anyone to use, modify and distribute, now and forever. It is developed by a large community of people who strive to provide and maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards. The Fedora Project is managed and directed by the Fedora Foundation and sponsored by Red Hat.

    • Slackware VPS

      Slackware Linux is a complete 32-bit multitasking "UNIX-like" system.i It's currently based around the 2.4 Linux kernel series and the GNU C Library version 2.3.4 (libc6). It contains an easy to use installation program, extensive online documentation, and a menu-driven package system. A full installation gives you the X Window System, C/C++ development environments, Perl, networking utilities, a mail server, a news server, a web server, an ftp server, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, Netscape Communicator, plus many more programs. Slackware Linux can run on 486 systems all the way up to the latest x86 machines (but uses -mcpu=i686 optimization for best performance on i686-class machines like the P3, P4, and Duron/Athlon).

    • Gentoo VPS

      Offering Gentoo Stage 3. NOT available with XenMax 1 accounts! Gentoo is a very special flavor of UNIX. It is perhaps one of the most customizable Linux distributions available. Gentoo is built around the source code. Your XenMax account will be a very basic install including GCC and SSHD. This is what is referred to as a Stage 3 Install. You will definitely need to be comfortable compiling applications to take advantage of Gentoo.

      Portage is the heart of Gentoo, and runs a large portion of the operating system. Specifically Portage is the software distribution system for Gentoo. To add new applications, or update existing ones, Portage must be used. More than 10,000 packages currently exist in Portage. To update your system to the latest version of all applications simply type 'emerge -uD world' and everything is up to date!

    • OpenSUSE VPS

      The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, openSUSE.org provides free, easy access to the world's most usable Linux distribution, SUSE Linux. The openSUSE project gives Linux developers and enthusiasts everything they need to get started with Linux.

      The goals of the openSUSE project are:

      • Make SUSE Linux the easiest Linux distribution for anyone to obtain and the most widely used open source platform.
      • Provide an environment for open source collaboration that makes SUSE Linux the world's best Linux distribution for new and experienced Linux users.
      • Dramatically simplify and open the development and packaging processes to make SUSE Linux the platform of choice for Linux hackers and application developers.
  • 6. Full console access to your server via SSH.
  • 7. Your own dedicated IP address(es) with reverse DNS.
  • 8. 99.9% network uptime guarantee.
  • 9. 99.5% server uptime guarantee.
  • 10. Network and host servers are monitored closely for uptime and performance 24/7.
  • 12. 4 Gigabits/s capacity network utilizing with intelligent BGP routing.
  • 13. Access to community forums for help and collaboration.